Karin Mørch Cromwell Place

‘The Value In Things’ at Cromwell Place

So happy to a a part of 'The Value In Things' exhibition presented…
14. februar 2023/af Carsten Bentzen

PAN Amsterdam 2022

I am happy to participate at the PAN Amsterdam 2022 with Etienne…
31. oktober 2022/af Carsten Bentzen

Solo exhibition at Continuum Gallery

Looking so much forward to my upcoming solo exhibition at Continuum…
8. august 2022/af Carsten Bentzen

Upcoming exhibitions in Italy and Germany and new photos

I have two exhiting exhibitions coming up. Take a look in the…
18. februar 2022/af Carsten Bentzen

Collect 2021 with Vessel Gallery

I am delighted to be showing at Collect 2021 with Vessel Gallery.

25. februar 2021/af Carsten Bentzen

First solo exhibition in the US

I am so happy to present my first solo exhibition in the US at…
10. februar 2021/af Carsten Bentzen

Habatat 50th Anniversary (virtual)

So happy to be a part of it! Habatat 50th Anniversary (virtual),…
1. november 2020/af Carsten Bentzen


- a group exhibition 15/11-2020 - 17/1-2021 at Continuum Gallery.

1. november 2020/af Carsten Bentzen

Holmegaard Værk

A few weeks ago Holmegaard Værk opened for the public. My childhood…
14. juli 2020/af Carsten Bentzen

Collect 2020, Somerset House, London. Represented by Vessel Gallery. 27 February – 1 March.

Hope to see you Londoners next weekend! Vessel Gallery is to…
22. februar 2020/af Carsten Bentzen

With Clara Scremini Gallery at BRAFA Art Fair 2020 Bruxelles

Clara Scremini Gallery presented 6 new pieces from the Amorpheous…
3. februar 2020/af Carsten Bentzen

With Vessel Gallery at Collect 2019

Dear friends in London

From today you can visit the International…
28. februar 2019/af Carsten Bentzen

With Bredgade Kunsthandel at Art Herning February 1. – 3. 2019

Three days of art and networking. Art Herning presents over 40…
16. januar 2019/af Carsten Bentzen

With Vessel Gallery in London

Vessel Gallery in London presents: “New Scandinavian Glass”.…
8. november 2018/af Carsten Bentzen

New collaboration with Etienne Gallery

Etienne Gallery is a very prestigious gallery in the Nederlands.…
8. november 2018/af Carsten Bentzen

KARIN MØRCH soloudstilling VIBRATING MATTER . Åbning 13.september, 16 – 19



og soloudstillingen

3. september 2018/af Carsten Bentzen

Pop-up glass exhibition 12/8 2018.

You are all very welcome when we organize a pop-up glass exhibition…
6. august 2018/af Carsten Bentzen

International Skulpturfestival and Verdensballetten

I am happy to announce that I will participate in the INTERNATIONAL…
31. juli 2018/af Carsten Bentzen
Yellow Line Karin Mørch Glass

Scandinavian Glass Glasmuseum Ebeltoft

At the Glasmuseet Ebeltoft, Denmark
"Scandinavian Glass - Starting…
12. marts 2018/af Carsten Bentzen

Exhibition at the Finnish Glass Museum

SO now the exhibition Scandinavian Glass - Starting All Over…
24. november 2017/af Carsten Bentzen
Karin Mørch Glass

Scandinavian Glass – Starting All Over

At The Glass Factory in Boda, Sweden. 30/9 - 29/10 2017.

30. september 2017/af Carsten Bentzen
Karin Mørch Glass

Luftkraft Glasstudio

I am happy to be back at Kigkurren in Copenhagen. Now as a member…
1. september 2017/af Carsten Bentzen

200 year Sculpture Festival in Svankjær, Thy. 22/7 – 19/8.

Everybody is welcome at the Sculpture Festival in Svankjær.…
27. juli 2017/af Carsten Bentzen
Etienne Gallery. Karin Mørch.

20 years CGS show, Etienne Gallery, The Netherlands.

I'm very happy to be a part of the 20 years CGS show @Etienne…
18. marts 2017/af Carsten Bentzen

GLASS NOW! Galerie Handwerk, München

GLASS NOW! exhibition in Galerie Handwerk / München is opening…
15. februar 2017/af Carsten Bentzen
Tag Line Gold - Karin Mørch

”EUROPA Grenze(n)loos glas”, Nederlands

I’ve been invited to participate in ”EUROPA Grenze(n)loos…
15. februar 2017/af Carsten Bentzen
Tone Purple XIII - Karin Mørch

Grønbechs Gaard “European Glass Context 2016”

Two exhibitions, Curated & Open Call, will be organized by…
15. februar 2017/af Carsten Bentzen

CHART ART FAIR – Kunsthal Charlottenborg

I'm happy to participate in "The Curves of the World" exhibition…
7. august 2016/af mbj-dev
Moveable Grey & Clear - Karin Mørch


Come by if you are in Munich between 15/ 1 – 13/2 2016

10. januar 2016/af mbj-dev
Karin Mørch - Substance 2015

Substance 2015

New exhibition coming up – you are all very welcome.

1. august 2015/af mbj-dev
Karin Mørch - DG15

DG15 – 40 years of contemporary glass in Denmark

Exhibition - Glasmuseet Ebeltoft

An exhibition, which will…
22. marts 2015/af mbj-dev
Karin Mørch - Familiar Glass and Jewellery

Familiar – Glass and Jewellery


Torben Jørgensen (glass), Jytte Mørch (glass),…
22. marts 2015/af mbj-dev
Tone Haze - Karin Mørch

TONE – upcoming project

Thank you! The Danish Art Council is supporting my next project…
28. januar 2015/af mbj-dev
Karin Mørch

New website

Finally my new website is up and running.
I hope you will enjoy…
3. juni 2014/af mbj-dev

The Danish Arts Foundation

Last week I received great news. The Danish Arts Foundation has…
26. maj 2014/af mbj-dev
Tag Line Gold - Karin Mørch

2D—, Lithuania, Estonia & Latvia

Exhibition: I participate with a new work "TagLine, Gold", at…
13. maj 2014/af mbj-dev

Optical Outlook, Lithuania

Exhibition: ”Vitrum Balticum VI. Optical Outlook”. National…
8. maj 2014/af mbj-dev
Big Red Line - Karin Mørch

Coburg Glaspreiz, Germany

Exhibition: The Coburg preiz for contemporary Glass 2014, Germany

13. april 2014/af mbj-dev
Karin Mørch & Pipaluk Lake - Netherlands

Kunstmaand Ameland

Exhibition: Glass by Pipaluk Lake & Karin Mørch, who is…
1. november 2013/af mbj-dev
Tag Line - Karin Mørch

Substance 2013

Exhibition: Bredgade Kunsthandel in Copenhagen K. is representing…
29. august 2013/af mbj-dev
Karin Mørch. Hempels Glaspris 2013.

Hempels Glass Award 2013

I am proud to have received in honour the Hempels Glass Award…
16. juli 2013/af mbj-dev