GLASS NOW! exhibition in Galerie Handwerk / München is opening 11/10 2016. Very happy they used my Red Lines for the invitation. Looking forward!

Tag Line Gold - Karin Mørch

I’ve been invited to participate in ”EUROPA Grenze(n)loos glas” together with Stine Bidstrup. You can see the exhibition 28.09 – 02.10 2016.

Tone Purple XIII - Karin Mørch

Two exhibitions, Curated & Open Call, will be organized by EGC2016 at Bornholm Art Museum and Grønbechs Gaard.

Come and join us at the “European Glass Context 2016” at the beautiful Bornholm from 10/9 – 13/11 2016.

I’m happy to participate in “The Curves of the World” exhibition 26/8 – 28/8 2016. Come by!

Many other good exhibitions in the fall 2016 – click here

Moveable Grey & Clear - Karin Mørch

Come by if you are in Munich between 15/ 1 – 13/2 2016

I’ll be participating in the groupexhibition – ways to make with 2 works from the series Moveables.

Visit for more information.

Karin Mørch - Substance 2015

New exhibition coming up – you are all very welcome.

Internationally recognised Danish Glass
Curator ATILA & catalogue Pavla Rossini, PhD.

Opening Thursday August 13th 4-­?7 p.m.

Jeannet Iskandar, Karen Lise Krabbe, Karin Mørch, Maria Bang Espersen, Maria Koshenkova & Marie Retpen

Artists, who express themselves primarily through using glass as an artistic medium, have unique styles, in particular in the way they explore and work with glass. Over the past decade totally new ways of working with glass have been discovered. Although glass is a complicated material, the artists have managed to bring their exploration to a higher level of understanding. Based in Denmark but operating internationally all the artists have well established careers and have managed to develop their personal artistic expressions. We hope our audience will just like us enjoy the beauty of glass and its various artistic possibilities.


Bredgade 69, DK-­?1260 Copenhagen K, +45 33135041,

info@bredgade-­? -­? www.bredgade-­?
Tues. – Fri. 1 – 6 p.m. & Sat. 11 a.m. – 3 p.m., last day September 12th 2015

Karin Mørch - DG15

Exhibition – Glasmuseet Ebeltoft

An exhibition, which will document and show the development of Danish glass over the past 40 years as well as the current trends and the direction of glass today.

The exhibition will be composed of two parallel shows – a curated show illustrating the historical development of Danish glass and a censored show, which will take stock of the Danish glass scene anno 2015.

I am represented in the historical part with RED LINE and at the censored part you will find my newest work TONE (9 sculptures).

Reception: 11.00 am – 16.00 pm

Exhibition period: 28th March ­? 27th September 2015

Read more about DG15 here.

Karin Mørch - Familiar Glass and Jewellery


Torben Jørgensen (glass), Jytte Mørch (glass), Therese Mørch-Jørgensen (jewellery) and Karin Mørch.

The exhibition is taking place at Ebeltoft Glass/Tchai Munch and we – the whole family – are looking forward to see you!

Reception: 17.00 – 18.30 pm

Exhibition period: 28th March – 25th April 2015

Read more about Familiar – Glass and Jewellery here (in Danish) here.

Tone Haze - Karin Mørch

Thank you! The Danish Art Council is supporting my next project TONE.

I look very much forward to exhibit TONE at Glasmuseet Ebeltoft 28/3 – 30/9. I am represented in two parts of the exhibition at the “DG15 – modern glass through 40 years”.

Check out the exhibition section for more exhibitions.

Karin Mørch

Finally my new website is up and running.
I hope you will enjoy the new look, and my new work.

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